Dear Friends,

When Rabbit Shadow was first started, it was a wholesale greenhouse focusing on herbs and topiary. It is with mixed emotions that we write you today to let you know we are making a move back to our original roots. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, RABBIT SHADOW WILL ONCE AGAIN BE A STRICTLY WHOLESALE GREENHOUSE focusing on herbs, topiary and Fairy Flowers®.

The reasons for this change are all good ones. Actually, the reasons are all FANTASTIC, but that doesn’t make saying goodbye to you, our favorite retail customers any easier. Because we consider you a friend in addition to a client, we wanted to share the details regarding the turn of events that has led us down this path:

1) As many of you know, we launched a separate company in 2010. That company, Fairy Gardening, Inc. sells Fairy Flowers® and hard goods to garden centers and retail establishments throughout North America. We’ve been incredibly blessed that the growth of this company has exceeded all expectations. The time commitment needed to service nearly 1,000 accounts has also exceeded all expectations.

2) Speaking of exceeding expectations…We received the best news of all a few months ago and it is with great pleasure that we announce WE ARE EXPECTING OUR FIRST CHILD! Baby boy Sorenson is due June 30 and we are thrilled to be taking steps to make him a priority in our lives.
We cannot thank you enough for your support over the past several years. We have certainly enjoyed reuniting with each of you every spring and will miss you terribly. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy gardening and purchase our Rabbit Shadow herbs and Fairy Gardening® products which will continue to be available in garden centers throughout Colorado.

We realize some of you may have outstanding gift certificates to Rabbit Shadow and we wanted to let you know we’ve worked out arrangements with the following garden centers who will accept those gift certificates at their establishments: Gulley Greenhouses in Fort Collins and Happy Life in Evans.

Happy spring and best wishes to you!


Jeff and Emily Sorenson

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